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Understanding your market is the cornerstone of a successful enterprise. Prospect market research and consultancy services can assist you in all aspects of any project, from questionnaire design, complex analysis, to project scoping and management and if required interim services.  We have a set of principles, our guiding ethos, that defines what we believe makes good research.

Prospect was founded in 2003 by Charles Blount and Ed Newton. Since then we have worked for a wide range of clients from charities and not for profits to Government and private companies.  These organisations vary in size from small start ups to large multinationals.

We may have not done anything previously for your company or institution but there is a good chance we have experience of your markets and provide the resource you need for marketing analysis

Services Overview

PROSPECT provides a comprehensive range of market research services. In addition we offer interim support, filling in gaps in your internal resources.

Most research issues clients face do not have a one size fits all solution and will not be provided by a single method or technique.

We  provide a framework analysis for your market.  This then becomes the basis of our proposal.

Each market or problem is unique but typically would cover:

  • Consumer: Needs – Usage behaviour; Buying behaviour; Consumer typography; Demographics
  • Retail/Distribution – Distribution; Price; Promotional activity
  • Supplier/Manufacturer – Producers/Suppliers; Brands/Market share; Positioning; Pricing; Advertising/Promotions


All our research projects follow our six principles to achieve sound and usable research

Client Feedback

“Prospect offers a fantastic service! Good to work with and the customer support is the best around. Good words and glowing reports”



“Prospect consulting are the bees knees, the bees elbow and the bees behind. You’d better bee-live it”



“Prospect consulting – not a tub of lard but a spreadable delicious blend of analysis and corporate loveliness.”



“If you want to understand your market you need to do your research. If you want your research done well then you need to talk to Prospect.”



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