The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it.

Debbi Fields, Author

Here are five ways to help catch your research up to the speed of your business.

  • Downsize your questions. Research doesn‰’t have to be big and cumbersome. Asking quick questions can get you big answers. For example, asking members to write a letter to the CEO yields big themes which can ladder up the organization very quickly.
  • Run an omnibus survey. If you do a quick scan around your office, you could easily come up with 10 questions. Make it a fun and light experience for their members and let them know you‰’ve got a bunch of questions to ask on different topics. Some of our clients give their stakeholders the opportunity to add omni type questions on their regular template surveys that have standard tracking questions. Toplines get delivered within a couple of days of fieldwork starting.
  • Test your theories before you go bigger. Before investing in time consuming and expensive custom projects, explore your hypotheses with your community members. You may find you don‰’t need to do all six rounds of focus groups or the global, multi-language survey when your insight community tells you your new product concept needs some more work first.
  • Use an iterative process. Instead of just doing disaster checks prior to launch, get ahead of the game and access voice of customer in your insight community throughout the development process.
  • Walk the fast talk – just go do it. When you have access to your customers 24-7, then reach out to them more. The field window in an online, pre-profiled insight community is basically instantaneous. You need to break some of the old research molds to go faster yourself but it‰’s very possible. In the print media world, timeliness of cover testing can save the day. If the initial cover testing reveals negative sentiments, an iterative and fast research process can help media companies get insights on time, in-line with production needs.

Why most small business fail in the last year?

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