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Professor Paul Fifield , Southampton University

Your business future success

Understanding how your business works is key to its success. But you know that already. Understanding how your business works within its market place may not be so clear. Many companies use market research (MR) to affirm or reveal key indicators. But MR is a broad subject and getting it right can be problematic. Very often  you will be too close to the subject to know what are the right questions to ask, or what techniques to use. To ease you into the complex work of MR data we have published a simplified explanation of all the analysis techniques we use. If you would like the document click the link below and you will receive a copy.

The techniques described cover:

  • Correspondence analysis
  • Factor Analysis

  • Needs segmentation and Needscape

  • Regression importance

  • Conjoint analysis

  • Conjoint, the simulator

  • Simulated test markets

  • Cluster analysis

  • Discriminant analysis

  • Data Fusion

  • Derived versus stated importance

  • Conjoint and price

  • Brand price trade off plus other techniques

  • Structural Equation Modelling

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The document avoids mathematical formulae and jargon.  We focus on the techniques that are predictive of future action such as buy, buy again, use more, switch to etc. Understanding these behaviours work towards your businesses future success.

To receive a copy of “Statistics Unmasked” click here.

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